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Google is spying on you!

Your every move is being monitored in Internet and Digital World. Google is keeping your full information with you. You’re being tracked all the time. You might be wondering why you are being pursued on the internet. The reason for this is completely commercial. It’s aimed to show you the ads you are interested in by tracking.

Google knows every “secret”
Google knows a lot about you. Google creates money by tracking users’ activities. There is a large share of advertising in the revenues of search engines. So Google tracks and stores your Google search, voice search, location changes and near you. However, sharing your information with Google is not as dangerous as being tracked by cyber criminals.

Google is recording your voice
Whatever you say in your voice search, Google is constantly recording it. As a user, you can listen to each of these records by browsing. Google says that it records the voice to improve its language and recognition tools so that your search results can be improved further.

Avoid from location tracking
To take advantage of modern technology, we have to compromise our privacy. Google Maps makes our journey easier. However, it’s not okay to be tracked by Google all the time. You can avoid Google’s location tracking. For this, you have to open the settings application of your device. After this, go to Privacy & Safety. You can turn off the Location here. After you’ve done this, Google will not be able to track your location.

Delete your Voice and Web Records in Google
Visit Google’s My Activity History page, where you will find a long list of recordings. From here you can go to the Specialty Audio Page, where you will find all the voice command details given till now. Google had launched the Audio Records Accessing Feature in June 2015. The best way to stop your voice and web recordings is by deleting these files. You can delete it by clicking on the three dots given on any record entry.

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