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Greed and Financial Gain -The highest motive behind cyber crime

Greed and financial gain is the highest motive behind cyber crime cases in Maharashtra, latest analytical statistics released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) have revealed.

Out of the total 2,195 cases registered, the motive behind 682 cases was greed/financial gain. The other reasons behind such cases are personal revenge/settling scores (21 cases), emotional motives like anger/revenge (18), extortion (17), causing disrepute (35), prank/satisfaction of gaining control (1), fraud/illegal gain (354), insult to modesty of women (234), sexual exploitation (113), political motives (5), inciting hate crimes against community (39), inciting hate crimes against country (0), disrupt public services (2), sale/purchase of illegal drugs/items (4) and for developing own business/interest (17).

The State stood second when it came to reporting the highest number of cyber crime offences with an increase of 16.8 per cent as compared to the cases registered in 2014. A total 825 people were arrested in 2015, which dropped down by 12.4 per cent as 942 were held in the State in 2014. All the 825 arrested persons in the State are Indians with 19 being disgruntled employees and 14 business competitors, revealed the analysis.

The city saw an increase in cyber-crime cases by 50.1 per cent with 912 cases in 2015 against 604 cases in 2014. Experts pointed out that the city has one of the highest number of technology users and there has also been increase in people reporting cyber crime. Financial gain motive is 100 per cent true as it counts in those wanting to make real money out of cyber crime. Among all crimes, cyber crime is the least likely type of crime in which one can get caught and if at all one is caught, usually he isn’t punished.

The Mumbai Police have had Commissioners who were very cyber friendly and more and more people believe that if one files a complaint, something will surely happen. Even the Director Generals are cyber friendly.

Mumbai uses a lot of technology; and it is believed – the more the technology, the more the crime. Even the poor and the middle classes use technology but they don’t understand it, so there are greater chances of them being the victims of hacking or cheating.

Sanjay Gade

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