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On the Rise – Inspiring Stories of young Legal professionals in India

Tariq Khan
Universal Law Publishing
Price Rs. 395/-

Earlier, legal profession was considered to be a family profession however, in recent times ‘first-generation’ lawyers are steadily making their way in the profession.
‘on the Rise’ is short introduction to many of the challenges that lawyers face in the legal profession. This book is an edited volume with 20 contributors on board and each contributor has something unique about his/her experience.

Each chapter, sharing the story of each contributor, is laced with quotations, anecdotes and series of vignettes which provide a glimpse of the challenges and hardship in the legal profession and dexterously convey a message that aspiring lawyers should remain idealistic and optimistic. The publication is not intended to advertise or glorify the professional achievements of these individuals; but is merely a source of first-hand information for many such aspiring legal professionals. The contributors have shed light on their experience and given guidance to aspiring law students to move in the right direction and deftly avoid the pitfalls. This publication is also a collection of reminiscences on the events of college and professional life that have been recounted with ineffable charm and written in a simplistic and entertaining manner by the contributors.

Unlike biographical sketches of established icons in diverse professions, this work captures the journey of emerging legal stars midway. That gives other young entrants models of emulation less distant & far less forbidding than those of established veterans to whom they may well relate less.

None of the authors has tried to ‘preach’ to the reader. He or she has simply narrated his or her experience and leaves it to the readers to draw their own conclusions.
The book is intended for students of law, lawyers on the threshold of their careers and, also for lawyers who think they have reached a dead end.

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