Supreme Court Guidelines

Subordinate Judiciary : Uniform Conditions of Service All India Judges’ Association v. Union of India-I, (1992) 1 SCC 119 : AIR 1992 SC 165

(i) An all India Judicial Service should be set up and the Union of India should take appropriate steps in this regard.

(ii) Steps should be taken to bring about uniformity in designation of officers both in civil and the criminal side by 31-3-1993.

(iii) Retirement age of judicial officers be raised to 60 years and appropriate steps are to be taken by 31-12-1992.

(iv) As and when the Pay Commissions/Committees are set up in the States and Union Territories, the question of appropriate pay scales of judicial officers be specifically referred and considered.

(v) A working library at the residence of every judicial officer has to be provided by 30-6-1992. Provision for sumptuary allowance as stated has to be made.

(vi) Residential accommodation to every judicial officer has to be provided and until State accommodation is available, Government should provide requisitioned accommodation for them in the manner indicated by 31-12-1992. In providing residential accommodation, availability of an office room should be kept in view.

(vii) Every District Judge and Chief Judicial Magistrate should have a State vehicle, Judicial officers in sets of 5 should have a pool vehicle and others would be entitled to suitable loans to acquire two-wheeler automobiles within different time limits as specified.

(viii) Inservice Institute should be set up within one year at the Central and State or Union Territory level.

Source: Supreme Court Guidelines and Precedents by M A Rashid

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