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Temple University Beasley School of Law

The Law School opened in 1895 as Temple College’s Department of Law. Temple University Beasley School of Law is committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship and service. The faculty is dedicated to preparing students to enter and continue in the legal profession with the highest level of skill possible, with a firm commitment to principles of professional responsibility, and with a sense of personal obligation to lead and to serve the communities in which they live and practice. The Law School is dedicated to the traditional ideal of making opportunities for legal education accessible to talented students who might otherwise not have the opportunity and those who might encounter barriers due to race, creed, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, socio-economic background, or other personal characteristics. The Law School seeks to maintain and strengthen the longstanding tradition of accessibility and diversity in order to pursue the goals of excellence in higher education and equal justice under the law.


Temple Law School offers both full-time and part-time programs leading to the completion of the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. The program requires three full academic years to complete and acceleration is not permitted. Full-time students are classified as first-year, second-year, or third-year full-time students. Full-time students must attend during the day and complete the Full-Time sequence of the mandated First-Year Curriculum to progress to second-year full-time status. After the first year, full-time students must register for and complete four additional full-time semesters.

LL.M. for Foreign-Trained Lawyers
The Master of Laws (LL.M.) program for foreign-trained lawyers is designed for international attorneys, government officials, corporate legal counsel, and recent law graduates who are interested in receiving a degree in American law, learning about the U.S. legal system, and becoming leaders in the global market. The LL.M. for foreign-trained lawyers program was established in 1974, demonstrating that Temple has been educating international lawyers with great success for over 40 years. Today, there are over 600 LL.M. graduates using their Temple legal education to practice and teach throughout the world.

LL.M. in Trial Advocacy
The LL.M. in Trial Advocacy curriculum integrates the development of theory and theme, persuasive storytelling, extemporaneous speech and effective use of technology in the courtroom. The program is performance based, featuring a “learn by doing” approach. The Temple LL.M. in Trial Advocacy was the first program of its kind in the country. It is an ideal fit for those who aspire to perfect both litigation tactics and courtroom performance.

LL.M. in Transnational Law
Temple’s LL.M. in Transnational Law is designed to ensure that graduates have the skills and knowledge to compete successfully in the twenty-first century, where the practice of law is no longer limited by national borders. The graduates are knowledgeable about international legal doctrines, adept at dealing with multiple legal systems, and familiar with other cultures.

LL.M. in Beijing, China
In 1997, Temple University established a Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) program in Beijing to educate Chinese judges, prosecutors, government officials (including NPC and State Council legal staff), law professors, and lawyers in U.S. and international legal principles. This 15-month program, which operates in collaboration with Tsinghua University School of Law, is the first foreign law degree granting program approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

LL.M. in Asian Law
The LL.M. in Asian Law program is designed primarily for J.D. holders (and potential J.D. students) or lawyers from foreign common law jurisdictions, who would use Temple’s curricular strengths and existing programs as a bridge to take or expand their careers to Asia, the most dynamic region in the 21st century world.

Abraham L. Freedman Teaching Fellowship Program

Since 1975, the Abraham L. Freedman Teaching Fellowship Program at the Temple
University Beasley School of Law has produced outstanding law school teachers, with graduates found at accredited law schools throughout the United States. The experienced lawyers admitted to the Freedman Fellow program receive an annual stipend and earn an LL.M. Fellows gain extensive practice in law school teaching and receive the support necessary to produce quality scholarship during their residence. Fellows work collaboratively with Temple faculty members on doctrinal courses and teach alongside the professors in their nationally-renowned legal research and writing program. In their final semester, Fellows teach an upper-level course in Temple’s curriculum.

Law Library

The Temple University Beasley School of Law Library has a long history as a research library and as a service-oriented facility to the Law School. The collection is particularly strong in the 18th and 19th century Anglo-American monographs. The addition of the Rawle Collection gives Temple Law Library a special character. The library also has a unique collection of African materials.

Career Services

The Office of Career Services assists the students and alumni of Temple Law School with all aspects of career strategy and development. The Law School provides resume review, interview preparation, networking tips and general career path advice on an individual basis as well as extensive programming on practice areas and career skills throughout the year. They also operate an intense, full-service program for post-graduate judicial clerkships.


Temple University Beasley School of Law
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