Think Like A Lawyer; Don’t Act Like One


An art collector invites you to his home for dinner. Reproductions of Monet’s paintings of flowers and Degas’ dancers decorate the walls. Nice, but…. a little boring. You go to the bathroom and, there, next to the window, hangs a very racy work by Jeff Koons. Your perception of your new friend’s collection charges radically. He likes Monet not because he has no guts, but because of aesthetic conviction—and he also likes Koons. Apply this lesson to your negotiations. If you opt for a nice, friendly approach, make sure that your opponent knows you’re just as capable of banging your fist on the table if he pushes you far enough. Let him know that your friendliness is a reflection of choice, conviction, and not of weakness. Show that you’re no stranger to a tough stance.

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