Think Like A Lawyer ; Don’t Act Like One – NEVER ASSUME YOU’RE SMARTER

In 1989, in the semi-finals of the French Open, the world’s number one, lvan Lendi, played Michael Chang, ranked 15th. Lendi only had to get by tiny Chang, and he’d be defending his title in the final against Stefan Edberg. Then the amazing upset happened. Chang beat Lendi. But what was more unbelievable, or hilarious, was how he did it. At game point in the second-last game, Chang hit an underhand serve to the world’s top player, and won the game. At match point, Chang befuddled the champion again by standing on the service line to receive serve. Lendi tapped his forehead with his finger indicating what he thought of his opponent’s mental state, and promptly served a double fault which lost him the match. You’ve got to be pretty smart to play stupid.

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