Think Like A Lawyer ; Don’t Act Like One – FIND THE WEAK SPOT

Heath Herring and Yoshihiro Nakao engage in a stare-off in the free-fighting ring on New Year’s eve: it’s the pre-fight, forehead –to- forehead, staring contest. All of a sudden, Nakao kisses Herring on the mouth. Herring is not amused. He gives Nakao a powerful right hook. Nakao falls to the mat and can’t get up- at least that’s what it looks like. Her ring is furious. He knows what’s coming. After all, he’s just floored his opponent before the starting bell. “He kissed me on the lips like a homosexual!” he shouts. “I’m not gay!” Herring is disqualified. Nakao wins without landing a single blow- but with a well-placed kiss. Yoshi-hiro “Kiss” Nakao found Herring’s weakest spot.

Dynamite Show, 31 December 2005 , Tokyo

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