Think Like A Lawyer ; Don’t Act Like One – DON’T BE THE ONE WHO GETS CHEATED

Even people who have absolutely no respect for anyone’s rights at all are selective. They’re picky about who they pick on. A lawyer, for instance is not a favored target; nor is a politician, a police officer or a street fighter. But artists and musicians are popular targets, because they’re easy prey. They’re generally not good at fighting back. So they are constantly being cheated and robbed. It is a fact that such calculating people exist. Therefore, if there is a risk that you’ll be seen as an easy target, make sure you nail down contracts, payment terms and rights. Show that you know your rights. Bring in a lawyer, if only once: show them that you’re aware of your rights and your aim to protect them. If you have been to court before, you’ve got an advantage: you have the aura of someone who has gone all the way. Someone who not only has a weapon, but who isn’t afraid to use it. The sharks sense that immediately. Don’t be like that small cat, photographed by Ed van der Elsken. He wrote: “four or five rough and nasty cats rape that cute little cat over and over again. Nevertheless, she seeks it out, the poor little darling.”

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