On The Lighter Side

I sue you!
Workmen digging a hole in Russell Road, Edinburgh, wanted their tea break, so they put a tent over the hole and surrounded the tent with paraffin lamps. An 8-year-old boy helped himself to one of the lamps and went exploring inside the tent. He dropped the lamp, tripped over it and the hole blew up. The House of Lords said that boy’s act was entirely foreseeable. The workmen’s employers were responsible for his burns. (Hughes v. Lord Advocate, 1963)

Help, I need a lawyer, call the nearest golf course! James, aged 11, was demonstrating his swing to 9-year-old Judith when he walloped her around the jaw by mistake. Judith’s father sued the boy’s father for foolishly leaving the golf club lying in the back yard, and lost. (Lubitz v. Wells, 1955).

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