On The Lighter Side

Apart from bad luck, Laura Lee Medley does not seem to have any luck at all. First, she says, she was paralysed in a drink-driving accident. She then sued in four Californian cities for injuries sustained while trying to navigate her wheelchair. Worst of all, when the police closed in on her suspecting her of fraud, she was spotted sprinting out of the hospital. A miracle? She’s facing charges of filing false documents, attempted grand theft and insurance fraud. (Yahoo News, 12 May 2006)Dermatitis is pants. It’s official. Mr Grant bought some new underwear, developed dermatitis, and sued the manufacturers of the underwear. Was he being rash? No. ‘Excessive sulphites’ had been left in the fabric and the manufacturers had to compensate him. (Grant v Australian Knitting Mills, 1936)

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