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Shri Fali S. Nariman
I recall my first meeting in the year 1975 when he was the Additional Solicitor-General of India and resigned in protest against imposition of Emergency in India. Throughout all these years I have been in regular touch with Fali. Recently Mr. Nariman has authored his Autobiography “Before my Memory Fades” and another book, “The State of the Nation” which are very
inspiring and worth reading.

Shri Soli J. Sorabjee
Former Attorney-General for India. During the emergency period – the year was 1976, I was at the Bombay Airport waiting to catch a flight when I saw a handsome person carrying a Book “Morality of Law by Fuller”. I hesitantly asked, “Sir, excuse me, are you in the Legal Profession?” He said “Yes but how have you guessed?” “Sir because of the Book you are carrying” and then I introduced myself and came to know that he was Mr. Soli Sorabjee, a Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India. Back in Delhi, I started visiting his office quite frequently. I was told by his secretary that every year during summer vacation Mr. Sorabjee used to go out to a hill-station with a suitcase full of books to study. Mr. Sorabjee has written many Articles and Books. I am proud of having published four Books authored by Mr. Sorabjee.

Justice H.R. Gokhale
He was the Union Minister of Law & Justice when I received a telephonic message from his Secretary Shri R.S. Chhabra that Justice Gokhale wanted to avail my services for updating his Library. That was the year 1974 when I got the opportunity to meet Justice Gokhale at his official residence in New Delhi. In the course of our meeting, I was told that prior to his shifting from Bombay to New Delhi, he was availing such services from M/s. N.M. Tripathi, Bombay, who had advised him to contact Mr. M.G. Arora of Universal Book Traders, now being a resident of Delhi. I thanked him for reposing his confidence in me and assured him to come up to his expectation. From that day I was in regular touch with Justice Gokhale. During that period I had the opportunity of meeting his family members, his daughter Ms. Sunanda Bhandare who later became the Judge of the Delhi High Court, Shri Murlidhar Bhandare former Governor of Odisha and Dr. Y.S. Chitale, all of whom were then practising in the Supreme Court. Justice Gokhale had a unique family tradition of being a Judge of a High Court. His grandfather was a Judge of the Baroda High Court while his father was its Chief Justice. And during his life-time his daughter Ms. Sunanda Bhandare (of the fourth generation) became a Judge of the High Court of Delhi.

Refer pages 14, 15 and 17 of the book.

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