Messenger of Legal Knowledge – Memoirs – Events-Views and Expressions

Justice O.P Sharma
Former Judge
High Court of Jammu & Kashmir

My association with Shri M.G. Arora is nearly three decades old. I have read the “Messenger of Legal Knowledge” more than once. It is an autobiography of a man uprooted from moorings (now in Pakistan), today presides over the empire of a Law Publishing Company, namely, Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt. Limited, rated as one of the best in the country.

It was his foresightedness that refusal of admission in a college for graduation was converted into an opportunity by him by taking up the job of a Salesman in Allahabad which proved to be stepping stone to reach the position he occupies today in the Book Trade as well as in the family of which he is a patria potestas.

Shri Arora has set up very high standards of ethics and probity in life and law books trade and his sons are following into his footsteps with commendable ability and sincerity of purpose.

My limited vocabulary fails to describe the qualities of his head and heart hence I borrow what Justice M.N. Venkatachaliah, former Chief Justice of India, wrote in his Foreword to Legends in Law published by Universals:

“Shi Arora’s dedication to law and legal studies goes beyond mere commercial interests. His over-arching mission is to provide the legal profession access to legal literature, particularly the legal classics, at affordable price. He has been relentlessly pursuing this goal for over half a century. He has grown to blades of grass where one grew and deserves the better of mankind. The trouble that Universal had taken to bring out many legal classics in low prices editions is praise-worthy. This service to the profession is invaluable and compels our admiration and gratitude.”

My best wishes to my esteemed friend and Universals.
Dated: 20-04-2017
My dear Bhai Sahab

Justice Altamas Kabir is no more but his golden words “The Messenger of Legal Knowledge is an inspiring book of the life story of a man who was determined to succeed in his chosen profession and succeed he did by dint of sheer determination and hard work which others can also emulate” If treasured in the book, will be a source of inspiration for the generations to come.
Moreover, his observations “The pictures add to the nostalgia and bring back memories of another day” are not only heart rendering but words fail to explain the depth with which these have been written. I wish I could emulate him but being a lesser mortal I am too small to do so.
My dear brother you are a wise man and your wealth is your lovely family. I wish and pray for your healthy long life. Hope to see you at the earliest.

With personal regards,
Yours ever,
O.P. Sharma

Justice O.P. Sharma

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