Messenger of Legal Knowledge -Memoirs – Events-Views and Expressions

The trailer of MESSENGER OF LEGAL KNOWLEDGE compels me to express at the first instance that when a tree bears the fruit, it leans downward despite being productive. The word ‘Messenger’ reflects humility, the quality of being humble and modest albeit being a ‘Margdarshak’ and leading the start-ups towards progress and prosperity.


‘Friendship is not about people who act true to your face, it is about people who remain true behind your back’. I find it as an apt quote for my dear friend M.G. Arora, who has always stood by me in my professional pursuits. I am happy to note that it will pass on to the next generations after us as well. It is always very difficult to write about a person whom you know much more than yourself. I am sure MG can rightly claim the same authority over me as well.

My association with M.G. goes back to early sixties when I was young lawyer having reasonably good practice in the High Court and different courts of Delhi particularly in the side of employment law. I often become nostalgic with flood of memories whenever we meet or talk over phone. Time files leaving behind, Yaadon ki Barat. Apart from rooting into the legal practice my interests in books of different variety and writing on the legal matters brought me very close to M.G. Arora, who has virtually been an encyclopaedia of legal books. M.G. is, in fact, an outstanding not because his life is tampered with struggles, ups and downs but more because of his commitment to the cause. He has never been wavering like a quicksilver, once he has decided he will follow the same with tenacity and steadfastness.

I have no doubt in my mind that this book, which will give the bird’s eye view of MG’s life, will prove an inspiration to all regardless of age, class or profession. How a young lad, who got uprooted after the partition of India in 1947 and ran from pillar to post to carve out a place for himself towards this side of the border never compromised with hard work and honesty in his entire life. He got impressed with the selfless service of the RSS volunteers during the tempestuous days of partition and decided to espouse their spirit in his own life also. He never gave up that philosophy even in the face of difficult challenges.

Remained loyal to the Rashtriya Swyam Sevak Sangh in spite of many trials and tribulations. He believes in accommodation of all ideas and maintaining the spirit of adjustment in the line of ‘vasudhaiv kutumbkam’ but has never compromised with the core philosophy and commitment. This is, to borrow the words of philosopher Bergson is the elan vital of M.G. Arora, which is what makes him distinct and different from others.

M.G. started his carrier as an errand bookseller but now he has become a name to reckon with in the trading and publishing of law books across the country. This is not possible without the grit and determination that he possesses with the grace of God. His ambit of understanding is copious and this is another reason that he has been able to endear the top Lawyers, University Professors, Judges, Bureaucrats and the Politicians alike. He always behaves and talks to them on equal footing. He has made up the deficiency of his formal education with his razor sharp intelligence, hard work, good behavior and unique ability of learning by talking and interacting with people who have gained enviable heights in their profession.

M.G. has always been helpful and cooperative to me. His gratefulness to his friends is immeasurable but not visible. I still vividly remember when I requested M.G. to publish my first book on ‘Delhi Shops and Establishments Act’, I literally prevailed upon him to shift from bookselling to publishing. He was having an initial hesitation and reluctance in jumping to an unchartered area of publishing because of certain very valid and genuine fears. But once he jumped into the field of publishing, he never looked back. A time came when the publication of any legal title became almost synonymous with Universal Law Publishing Company Private Limited. M.G. has published many rare and classical books. However, he has been more than patronising to me by publishing more than 30 titles, which have been authored by me without batting any eyelid.

His professional achievements apart, M.G. has always inculcated extremely good habits in his family, what we know as Sanskars. It is found in plenty in all his sons and grandsons and other family members. They are courteous and well behaved with all, and more so, with elders. It is really a matter of huge satisfaction for me, an old fashioned person, to see his progeny flourishing and distinguishing by sheer dint of hard work, dedication, sagacity and above all the honesty of highest order in the footsteps of M.G.

As I said in the beginning that it is difficult for me as to where to start and how to end the narration of my experience with true friend like M.G. Arora. I can only say that I am privileged that a self-made man like M.G. has always been by my side and I get excited and thrilled when I read some anecdotes and stories about him. I wish a very long, healthy and happy life for my enduring friend M.G.

H.L. Kumar
Chief Editor, Labour Law Reporter
Awardee, Law Day Award for Writing Books on Labour Laws

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