Messenger of Legal Knowledge -Memoirs – Events-Views and Expressions

Beginning at Allahabad and continuing at Delhi, I have known Shri M.G. Arora for some 65 years now. The great bond that brought us close to each other was our common love for law books. I kept looking for new books and he never failed to supply them. As a Law student of LL.B. and LL.M Courses at the university and later as an advocate trainee in the early 1950s at the Allahabad High Court, I remember very often visiting the bookshops at the University Road. Shri Arora always enjoyed showing us the new arrivals at the University Law Books Store where he worked. Not being in a position to buy many of those costly books, I and friends like Ranganath Misra and J.S. Verma spent hours browsing at the bookstore to be able to brag about our familiarity with the latest titles and knowledge in law subjects.

After moving to Delhi, Shri Arora established the Universal Law Publishing Company which is today at the top in the field of law books. I am glad and privileged to be among the authors whose works they have published. Shri Arora’s superbly talented sons are carrying the torch forward and adding new laurels. I wish Shri Arora long and healthy life as a grand Brand Ambassador of the best in legal knowledge. As I said once earlier :

“For him, book publishing is not merely a business proposition with a high ROI as the aim but it is an unending romance and love with good Mss and books. Shri Arora has also been an activist fighting for freedom of expression and for other public causes. He was arrested for active participation in the JP Movement for total revolution during the Emergency. Above all, Shri Arora is a thorough gentleman and a good friend.”

When I was awarded honours like Padma Bhushan, Samvidhan Shromani, Vidhi Sewa Samman, Commander of the Honorary Order of the Academy of San Francisco, etc. for public service in the field of constitutional studies, I could not but recall the contribution of my good publishers.

Shri Arora was gracious enough to present a copy of his recently published Memoirs to me. The book has come out very well and makes an interesting reading. Also, it is most impressive with all the memories and photographs included tastefully. I felt nostalgic and greatly flattered to notice the references to my student days, my love for books and bookshops and some good photographs at book launch ceremonies etc. I hope and wish the book gets widely distributed and read to inspire the new generations of law students, lawyers and publishers.

Dr. Subhash C. Kashyap
Former Secretary General, Lok Sabha
Awardee: Padma Bhushan, Samvidhan Shiromani, Vidhi Sewa Samman, Commander of the Honorary Order of the Academy of San Francisco.

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