Messenger of Legal Knowledge -Memoirs – Events-Views and Expressions

“Dear Arora Ji,
Thank you so much for sending me the book, which I have read with great interest and learning.
There is undoubtedly a difference between a ‘messenger’ and the ‘maker’ but may I also say that to carry messages about law and its development is also to partially enable its, making and unmaking. In this sense, the decades of pioneering law publishing entitles you to be counted as the maker of the law.
Modesty has been your inestimable value, and that in a sense defines you, as those who had the privilege of knowing you would say.

I know that your life as a leading law publisher has been full of struggle but this book also recounts the moments of glory.
As your friends, and yourself, look back, you have achieved a great deal in promoting legal knowledge. That is great achievement, indeed when one recalls the era of infancy of good law publishing.

The role of a law publisher is to make law public and as Jeremy Bentham once said publicity is the best ‘disinfectant’. Publicity of law brings in greater transparency in lawmaking and law-saying. Your contributions in making law accessible are indeed precious and bring a sense of pride not just to those who know you but also to the world of law as a whole.

With warm regards and many more years of a happy life ahead.

Dr Upendra Baxi
Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Warwick
Former Vice Chancellor, Delhi University

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