Legal IQ

MCQs For judicial Service Aspirants

1. Compounding of offence will result in
a) Discharge
b) Acquittal
c) Conviction
d) None of the above

2. Period of appearance for proclamation issued under section 82 Cr PC is not less than
a) 20 days
b) 90 days
c) 30 days
d) 75 days

3. During the proclamation of Emergency, the enforcement of Fundamental Rights can be suspended except those guaranteed under
a) Articles 15 and 16
b) Articles 14 and 17
c) Articles 18 and 19
d) Articles 20 and 21

4. The prohibition regarding discussion in Parliament with regard to conduct of any Judge of the Supreme Court or of the High Court in discharge of his duties is contained in
a) Article 212
b) Article 211
c) Article 121
d) None of the above

5. Nothing is an offence which is done by a person who is
a) under 12 years of age
b) under 18 years of age
c) under 10 years of age
d) under 7 years of age

6. Section 73 of IPC provides for maximum limit of solitary confinement to be
a) Six months
b) One year
c) Two months
d) Three months

7. In case of adoption of a son by a Hindu male, the son must be
a) less than 18 years of age
b) less than 21 years of age
c) less than 12 years of age
d) less than 15 years of age

8. A Pleader has a duty to inform the court about the death of parties under
a) Order 22 Rule 3 CPC
b) Order 22 Rule 5 CPC
c) Order 22 Rule 10A CPC
d) None of the above

9. A settlement made to defeat and defraud creditors is voidable under which section of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882?
a) Section 53
b) Section 53A
c) Section 57
d) Section 58

10. “In pari delicto” means
a) a student is at fault
b) a person with guilty intention
c) an unsound mind person
d) a case of equal fault or guilt

11. Section 28 of the Indian Contract Act declares which agreement as a void agreement?
a) In restraint of marriage
b) Wagering contract
c) In restraint of legal proceedings
d) None of the above

12. Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court means
a) Judge of inferior scale
b) Associate judge
c) Additional judge
d) None of the above

13. Section 12(1) (a) of the Hindu Marriage Act is related to
a) Desertion
b) Cruelty
c) Impotency
d) Fraud

14. Who becomes the guardian of illegitimate children on the mother’s death?
a) Uncle
b) Father
c) Grandmother
d) Grandfather

15. On the death of a sole proprietor, his heirs automatically become the partners of the old firm. The statement is
a) True
b) False

Answers: 1. (b); 2. (c); 3. (d); 4. (c); 5. (d); 6. (d); 7. (d); 8. (c); 9. (a); 10. (d); 11. (c); 12. (b); 13. (c); 14. (b); 15. (b)

NOTE: The answers are suggestive. Kindly verify from the basic documents, judgments, gazette notifications or recommended textbooks in case of doubts. Answers given by the author herein are his own personal views and neither the publisher nor the author holds any responsibility for any mistake that may have inadvertently crept in.

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