Legal IQ

MCQs for judicial Service Aspirants

1. Promises which form the consideration or part of the consideration for each other is known as
a) Offer
b) Acceptance
c) Reciprocal Promises
d) Cross offer

2. Minor’s contract is
a) Valid
b) Voidable
c) Neither (a) nor (b)
d) Void

3. Gift as to future property is
a) Valid
b) Voidable
c) Void
d) None of the above

4. Improvements to mortgaged property is provided under which section of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882?
a) Section 56
b) Section 67
c) Section 65A
d) Section 63A

5. Section 15 of the Limitation Act, 1963 applies to
a) Execution proceedings only
b) Suits only
c) Appeals only
d) Both (a) and (b)

6. The expression ‘time requisite’ used in section 12(2) of the Limitation Act, 1963 means
a) Maximum time
b) Actual time taken
c) Minimum time taken
d) None of the above

7. Sections 76 and 79 IPC provide the exception of
a) Mistake of Law only
b) Mistake of Fact only
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of the above

8. Harbouring or concealing an offender with the intention of screening him from legal punishment is an offence under which section of IPC?
a) Section 228A
b) Section 201
c) Section 202
d) Section 212

9. Section 167 CrPC approves remand of an accused in
a) judicial custody only
b) police custody only
c) Neither (a) nor (b)
d) Both (a) and (b)

10. Under section 125 CrPC, the parents can claim maintenance from who of the following?
a) Only son
b) Only daughter
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) Step daughter

Answers: 1. (c); 2. (d); 3. (c); 4. (d); 5. (d); 6. (b); 7. (b); 8. (d); 9. (d); 10. (c)

NOTE: The answers are suggestive. Kindly verify from the basic documents, judgments, gazette notifications or recommended textbooks in case of doubts. Answers given by the author herein are his own personal views and neither the publisher nor the author holds any responsibility for any mistake that may have inadvertently crept in.

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