Legal IQ

Legal IQ

1.   Which of the following is patentable under the Patents Act, 1970?

       (a)    Micro-organisms
       (b)    Plants
       (c)     Animals
       (d)    Seeds.

2.   Who appoints Secretary-General of the United Nations?

       (a)    Secretariat on the joint recommendations of General Assembly and Security Council
       (b)    General Assembly on the recommendations of the Security Council
       (c)     Security Council on the recommendations of the General Assembly
       (d)    Secretariat on the recommendations of the General Assembly.

3.   The right to exploit living organisms belonging to sedentary species can be exercised in………………..

       (a)    Territorial waters and contiguous zone
       (b)    Contiguous zone only
       (c)     Exclusive economic zone only
       (d)    Continental shelf only.

4.   Which of the following elements is essential for a practice to become a custom?

       (a)    Jus cogens
       (b)    Pacta sunt servanda
       (c)     Opinion juris sive necessitates
       (d)    Rebus sic stantibus.

5.   In the Report of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Investigation on Sri Lanka (OISL) of 16 September, 2015, it has been recommended to try war crimes and crimes against humanity, including sexual crimes and crimes committed against children by

       (a)    International Criminal Cour
    (b)    An ad hoc hybrid special court
       (c)     International Court of Justice
       (d)    Apex Court of Sri Lanka.

6.   Find out the incorrect match from the following

       (a)    Temple of Preah Vihear case – Cambodia v. Thailand
       (b)    Island of Palmas case – Netherlands v. Spain
       (c)     Corfu Channel case – Great Britain v. Albania
       (d)    Asylum case – Columbia v. Peru

7.   Which of the following is a specialized Agency of the United Nations?

       (a)    Trusteeship Council
       (b)    World Intellectual Property Organization
       (c)     U.N. Human Rights Committee
       (d)    OPEC.

8.   Which of the following statements is incorrect about Hugo Grotius?

       (a)    He is called the “Father of Law of Nations”.
       (b)    He wrote Mare Liberum.\
       (c)     He was a positivist.
       (d)    Grotius considered law of nature as an independent source of international law, apart from customs and treaties.

9.   An individual can file a petition before Human Rights Committee only if his/her country is a party to the………………….

       (a)    United Nations Charter
       (b)    Universal Declaration of Human Rights
       (c)     International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
       (d)    First Optional Protocol to International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

10. …………………….imposed a duty of non-recognition of all territorial acquisitions brought about in breach of international law?

       (a)    Incorporation doctrine
       (b)    Estrada doctrine
       (c)     Stimson doctrine
       (d)    Blackstonian doctrine.

11. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

       (a)    The recognition may be express or implied
       (b)    The recognition may be de jure or de facto
       (c)     Ordinarily, the recognition operates prospectively and not retrospectively
       (d)    Collective recognition may be conferred through the medium of an international institution.

12. Which of the following is mentioned as a source of international law under Article 38(1) of the Statute of International Court of Justice?

       (a)    Equity
       (b)    The teachings of the most highly qualified publicists of the various nations
       (c)     Resolution of General Assembly and Security Council
      (d)  Decisions or determination of the organs of international institutions.

Answers: 1.(a), 2.(b), 3.(d), 4.(c), 5.(b), 6.(b), 7.(b), 8.(c), 9.(d), 10.(c), 11.(c), 12.(b)

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