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Interview Questions For Judicial Service Aspirants

Q. 1. What are the types of Estoppel?
Ans. Types of Estoppel are:
(i) Estoppel by Record
(ii) Estoppel by Deed
(iii) Estoppel by Conduct.

Q. 2. What is the presumption about a person who has not been heard of for 7 years?
Ans. He is presumed to be dead.

Q. 3. What is plea of Alibi?
Ans. The plea of the absence of a person, charged with an offence, from the place of occurrence at the time of the commission of crime.

Q. 4. What is Zero FIR?
Ans. When a person informs the police regarding the commission of a cognizable offence which is not in the jurisdiction of the said police station, then that police station forwards it to the respective police station having jurisdiction for remaining legal requirements including numbering on FIR also. This is known as Zero FIR.

Q. 5. What is a Standing Offer?
Ans. It is an offer which remains open for acceptance for a certain period.

Q. 6. Define Continuing Guarantee?
Ans. A Guarantee which extends to a series of transactions is known as Continuing Guarantee.

Q. 7. Which section of the Indian Penal Code provides recognition to the legal principle of ‘respondeat superior’?
Ans. Section 154 IPC.

Q. 8. When did the India Independence Act come into force?
Ans. 18th July, 1947.

Q. 9. Who headed the Delimitation Commission in the year 2002?
Ans. Justice Kuldip Singh.

Q. 10. How can the examination of the President or the Vice President of India as a witness be recorded?
Ans. It can be recorded by issuing a Commission.

NOTE: The answers are suggestive. Kindly verify from the basic documents, judgments, gazette notifications or recommended textbooks in case of doubts. Answers given by the author herein are his own personal views and neither the publisher nor the author holds any responsibility for any mistake that may have inadvertently crept in.

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