I have no doubt that when the sponsors of today’s symposium chose the subject of Gandhiji as a Jurist, they did not have in mind the term jurist in its ordinary technical sense. But I do not think that we shall be doing any injustice to Gandhiji’s memory if we do not describe him as a jurist in that sense. It cannot, however, be denied that Gandhiji had a legal philosophy of his own and entertained most refreshing views as to the duties and functions of lawyers as well as of courts of law though they might not have gained acceptance in those days and might not get even today a whole – hearted acceptance. That, however, cannot detract from their value and the fruitfulness of a discussion like that of today’s evening.

Excerpts from the speech delivered by Justice B N Gokhale on July 1, 1963 at a symposium organised by Gandhi Samarak Nidhi at Bombay.

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