Be Immortal

Be Helpful to Others

“The tendency of several persons is always to find out fault of others, to always hear bad things about others, to use language insulting and painful to others. These three have come into existence only for the use of wicked people.”
[Kali Vidambana-98]

The message from this Sanskrit verse is those who want to live as gentlemen, should always avoid these bad tendencies or attitudes. Here is a graphic description of  wicked persons. Unfortunately, such a tendency is existing prominently among several individuals who did not cultivate good qualities and on the other hand made fault finding nature as their habit. Such attitude ultimately is neither good for themselves nor for fellow human beings. If a man desires to live as a useful and helpful person, he must cultivate a helpful attitude. Very good examples are indicated in this sloka which is worthy of being emulated by all.

“Trees yield fruits for the benefit of others. Similarly, rivers flow for the benefit of all. The cows give milk for the benefit of others and this human life is meant for the benefit of others.”

It is indisputable that man is mortal. But being helpful to fellow human beings throughout his life, he become immortal in that he will be remembered by all future generations and for all times to come. In this regard Swami Vivekananda’s advice was ‘service to humanity is service to divinity’. This is worthy of being followed in every sphere of activities of human beings. He always said ‘serve humanity with humility.’

The history of mankind bears testimony for the valuable message of Swami Vivekananda. Millions of persons have born and died. But only those who sacrified their time, money and energy for the benefit of others are being remembered on account of their good deeds, their helpful nature by which future generations are largely benefitted. By the selfless service rendered by them in various ways, they become immortal. There is long line of patriots who sacrified their all for securing freedom. There is long line of saints and rishis who have spread knowledge inexhaustible in various subjects which is a permanent contribution to humanity. There are also persons who have discharged their debt to the society by acquisition and dissemination of knowledge as mandated by the Mahabharata.

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