Legal Thesaurus

Unconscionability testatrix:

Execution of Will, Genuineness, Propounder has to prove that there is no unconsciionability testatrix. [Dinesh Kumar v. Khazan Singh, AIR 1988 Del 273].

Verification off a petition for probate by an attesting witness does not dispense with the requirement of proof of execution of the will as required by Section 68 of the Evidence Act. [Edwin Carlow Marcelline, In the Goods of, 56 CWN 650].

Succession Act – Sections 276, 213, 63 – Petition for probate of Will by legatee. Respondents brothers petitioner. One of respondents filing no objection affidavits. Three attesting witnesses supporting genuineness of Will. Petitioner entitled to grant of probate. [Section 69, Evidence Act, 1872].

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