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Ejusdem generis

Ejusdem generis :
Of the same kind or nature. Where a list of specific items is followed by general concluding clause, this is deemed to be limited to things of the same kind as those specified.

The expression ‘other cause of the like nature, of however wide amplitude’ has to be read ejursdem generis to and along with the earlier part of the same provision which relates to defect of jurisdiction of the Court. The Legislature in clause ‘C’ of the explanation to Section 14, Limitation Act, 1963 has provided that misjoinder of parties or of causes of action shall be deemed to be a cause of action of the like nature with defect of jurisdiction. (1970) 72 Punj LR 385].

The rule strives to reconcile the incompatibility between specific and general words. The doctrine applies when :

1. statute contains an enumeration of specific words;
2. the subject of enumeration constitutes a class or category;
3. that class or category not exhausted by enumeration;
4. general terms follow the enumeration, and
5. there is no indication of a legislative intent. [AIR 1972 SC 1863].

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