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Trust–the basis of any successful relationship. And so it is with Ravi Singhania, be it his family, friends or colleagues. “I enjoy being with people who are simple, straightforward and caring. The moment I lose trust I disconnect,” says Ravi Singhania, founder member and senior partner of Rajani, Singhania & Partners. It was with the same percipience that Ravi merged his firm Singhania & Associates with Mumbai-based Rajani Associates. Having met Prem Rajani over a client matter, Ravi felt Prem was someone he could partner with as he had similar values.”

At 38 years of age, Ravi is the youngest lawyer to be felicitated with the ‘National Law Day Award’ for Corporate Laws (2006) by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. A member of the Law Society of England & Wales and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London, Ravi has been identified as an expert in Asia-Pacific in the Corporate Sector by Asialaw Leading Lawyers Survey. Although comfortable in the dual roles of a litigator and corporate lawyer, he plays the roles of a caring father and a loving husband with equal panache.

It was in 1995 that Ravi Singhania, a young lawyer in Delhi, who had been in search of a suitable match for marriage met Sonil from Mumbai. Ravi had gone to the financial capital in the course of a criminal case and there he met this young girl in whom he found a perfect life partner. For Sonil too all it took were a few meetings to actually fall in love with Ravi. A management student, Sonil’s advent into law was more of an accident than design. “The Singhania’s were a more traditional family than mine. They felt if both of us were going to be busy with our individual professions then family life would suffer,” she explains.
While Sonil took up law due to family reasons, for Ravi it came naturally, as he had seen his father D.C. Singhania practise law, ever since Ravi had been a child. He started Singhania & Partners in 1999 when he felt there was a need to create his own niche, as different working styles in the family led to frequent friction.

Although for Ravi, the journey began without the silver spoon, Ravi says that it was not only sheer hard work that went in his favour but also his father’s blessings to bring the practice to its current level. “The fact that he was a lawyer here in Delhi has helped me even though I started from ground zero,” says he. Added to this were the values instilled in him by his mother Tarawati. “A deeply religious person, from her I learnt to be simple but forthright.”

Ravi and Sonil had hit it off like old friends, even when they met for the first time. They have kept the fire kindling by ensuring that they spend quality time together. The Lodhi Gardens find the couple coming there every morning for their walks. “Even though he has a busy schedule and we live in a nuclear family and have our dinners together at home, yet Ravi takes me out for dinners all the time,” says a much pampered Sonil.

“We have very different tastes. She likes Western and I love Indian classic music. While I like it hot and spicy, she prefers bland,” is what Ravi has to say about their relationship. Though both have very different tastes, yet their outlook and similar value system is what works for this young couple.

While both Ravi and Sonil are theatre enthusiasts, the real adrenalin rush is in the high-risk adventure sports that they love to indulge in. Ravi and Sonil’s sons Siddharth and Aditya too are adventure enthusiasts. This keeps the family bonded together, as they spend quality time together on holidays. “The sky is the limit when it comes to adventure,” says Sonil.

Never one to let an experience go by without learning from it, the couple says that travelling has been an eye opener of sorts, giving them the insight that people all over the world are the same. He counts how they got ripped off by a local trader in Switzerland. “We tend to think that traders in India are out to deceive you. But on one of our holidays in St. Bernandino we realized that the local grocer was actually adding up everything twice and charging us double!” says Ravi.

Well, even canny lawyers can be duped!

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