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Chief Justice D.N. Patel shows the way of success to trainee judges

Delhi State Legal Service Authority on October 12, 2019, organised a Legal Awareness Campaign at Sector 21 Dwarka Metro Station. Hon’ble Mr. Justice Dhirubhai Naranbhai Patel, Chief Justice High Court of Delhi and Patron-in Chief DSLSA was the chief guest. Other companion judges including Justice G.S Sistani graced the occasion. Mr. Kanwal Jeet Arora, Member Secretary, DSLSA and Dr Mangli Singh, Managing Director, Delhi Metro Rail Cooperation were too among the dignitaries who graced the occasion.

The venue was packed up with a large number of under trainees of Delhi Judicial Service. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Justice gave valuable tips to the trainee judicial officers and said, “The dignity of the profession has to be maintained in a strict manner. If one officer lets go the prestige, he loses the prestige not only his own individually but for the whole judiciary; hence you have to maintain a very controlled behaviour. Do’s and Don’ts have to be followed strictly in the courtroom as well as outside the court in private life. Judges are a very different type of citizens. They have to maintain the desired distance with people of all walks of life. They are not supposed to get mixed up in society.”

Justice Patel pointed out that the aspirants of judicial service before becoming the judge have several dreams, strong desires and aspirations to do something high and great, to do justice expeditiously but when they become the judge, they start seeing the calendar of the year as to when are the vacations? This is not the right action. A judge is supposed to work in 24×7 days regime. When we are at home after court or are on vacation, we don’t sit idle, we either read the matters or make corrections in the judgements to be delivered.”

Justice Patel also made it clear that rashness and arbitrariness should be checked. What you have read in law is at times doesn’t work, and you learn through the day to day experiences. So use your common sense and wisdom. A confused judge is most likely to adjourn the matter frequently but a prudish judge decides the case-expeditiously.

Justice G.S. Sistani addressing the fresh judges said, “We have passed through an era when before going to appear in an examination the candidates used to pray for the bus to come on time lest they will miss the examination. Whereas, today after every few minutes you get another metro train. You are therefore not under tension; hence, feel comfortable while during your duty with self-satisfaction.”

Chief Justice flagged off a metro train for creating legal awareness, the compartments of which were heavily displayed with citations and photos for the citizens about their legal rights.

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