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Notice of Occupation under factories act, 1948

Q. We come across “notice of occupation” but we are not clear as to what does it mean?  Does it have any significance?

A. The ‘Notice of occupation’ is the Notice required to be given to the Inspectorate at least 15 days before beginning to occupy and use the premises as a factory. The purpose is to bring to bring to the notice of the Inspectorate that machines are being installed in the factory premises. The details such as name and address of the factory, nature of manufacturing process, name and address of the occupier and manager, HP installed and proposed to be used are required to be stated therein. In the Delhi Factories Rules, 1950, the format of ‘Notice of Occupation’ is Form No. 2, which is same as format of application for grant as well as for renewal of License. You may check similar provisions in your State Factories Rules.

Source: H L Kumar, Labour Problems & Remedies, Universal

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