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MEMBER OF ICC – The sexual harrasment of women at work place (prevention, prohibition and redressal) act, 2014

Who will be the members of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)?
The Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) shall consist of the following members:

Presiding Officer: A woman employed at a senior level at workplace from amongst employees. In case a senior level woman employee is not available, the Presiding Officer shall be nominated from the other offices or administrative units of the workplace. In case the other offices or administrative units of the workplace do not have a senior level woman employee, the Presiding officer shall be nominated from any other workplace of the same employer or other department or organisation.

Employee Members: not less than two: from employee preferably committed to the cause of women or who have experience in social work or have a legal knowledge.

External Member: One: from amongst non-governmental organisations or associations committed to the cause of women or a person familiar with the issues relating to sexual harassment.

Atleast one half of the total members so nominated shall be women. Thus the ICC will consist of minimum 4 members of which atleast 2 members must be women.

Source: H L Kumar, Labour Problems & Remedies, Universal

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