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Hon’ble Mr. Justice Chander Shekhar A judge with a mission

“A good judge conceives quickly, judges slowly.”

– George Herbert

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Chander Shekhar is one of the judges who is most capable of taking the quickest decisions. There are many judges who are in judicial service by choice. Mr. Justice Chander Shekhar is one such judge who opted to join judiciary with a mission . Right from his childhood, Justice Shekhar had been a sensitive soul and was always lost in the thoughts of social justice and uplifting the marginalised class of people at par with the privileged class. He decided to use judiciary as vehicle to achieve these goals, the outcome of which is transparently visible in his learned judgements.

Mr. Justice Chander Shekhar Joined Delhi Higher Judicial Services in the year 2000 and presided over Sessions Court, Civil Court, Judge Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, Presiding Officer Motor Accident Claims Tribunal, Rent Control Tribunal, Special Judge Prevention of Corruption Act, CBI etc. and as a Judge of High Court, the Hon’ble Judge has dealt with various matters under Writ Jurisdiction of High Court, apart from dealing with the matters of Civil, Arbitration, Transfer of Property Act, Sales of Goods Act, Registration Act, Stamp Duty Act, Court Fees Act, Service, Taxation, Criminal, etc.

The Hon’ble Judge was elevated as a permanent Judge of High Court of Delhi, on 08.11.2016 and while sitting in Division Benches and a Single Bench till October, 2018, the total disposal of main cases was 2610 and that of miscellaneous applications was 5471, The Hon’ble Judge in the present Single Bench on criminal side w.e.f. November, 2018 to October, 2019, has disposed of 2159 main cases and 3456 miscellaneous applications. It is pertinent to mention here that as per actual working days w.e.f. from 08.11.2016 to 21.10.2018 the disposal of the Hon’ble Judge is 9.2 cases per day. However, while holding Single Bench w.e.f. 22.10.2018 to 30.10.2019 the disposal of the Hon’ble Judge is 16 Cases per day as per MaliMath Committee Criteria.

Apart from holding regular Court, the Hon’ble Judge has presided over two Tribunals involving highly sensitive national security issues and threat perceptions to the Nation, assessed by concerned authorities, in respect of banned organizations, namely Jamaat-e-Islami, Jammu & Kashmir (JeI) and Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (Mohd. Yasin Malik Faction) (JKLF-Y), under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and passed the orders dated 27.08.2019 and 20.09.2019 respectively, upholding the ban declaring the above said organizations as ‘unlawful associations’ under Section 3(1) & (3) of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

The Hon’ble Judge has pronounced many important judgments. These judgments have been widely cited in Courts all over the country and have acquired landmark status with respect to the question of law dealt with in these judgments.

– Hasan Khurshid

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