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Hon’ble Justice Antony Dominic

Hon’ble Justice Antony Dominic: Born on

Obtained Law Degree from S.D.M Law College, Mangalore.

Started practice in Munsiff’s Court and JFCM, Kanjirappally in the year 1981. Shifted practice to the High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam in 1986. Had extensive practice in Company Laws, Labour Laws and Constitution. Appointed as Additional Judge of the Kerala High Court with effect from 30-01-2007.

Appointed as Permanent Judge of the High Court of Kerala with effect from 02-12-2008. Appointed as Acting Chief Justice from 17-03-2017 A.N. to 20-03-2017 F.N., and then again from 06-11-2017 F.N. to 08-02-2018 A.N.
Appointed as Chief Justice of Kerala High Court from 09-02-2018 F.N.

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