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Your Body – Tolangulasana

We are suggesting some selected Yog Asanas to rejuvenate your body. Next in the series is:


This pose is also known as the “weighing scale” pose because when this asana is performed, the body takes the shape of a weighing scale. This is a balancing act and this asana balances the body like the ‘balance’.

Improves the biceps muscles;
Makes the back strong;
Proves beneficial in curing diabetes and piles;
Improves digestion;
Relieves foul gases accumulated in the stomach;
Improves blood circulation;
Increases the elasticity of the spine and tones up the nervous system.

Procedure: Sit in Padmasana. Taking the support of the elbows, lie down on your back. Raise the foot lock slightly towards your stomach so that your buttocks are raised a bit. Place both your closed fists under the buttocks but keep the elbows touching to the ground. Now raise not only the foot-lock but the head and back as well. Balance your whole body on the fists with your elbows up from the around. Return back to the original position, taking your body weight initially on both the elbows. Then slowly bring your back and head to the ground. Remove the fists from under the buttocks and return to Padmasana.

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