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Your Body – Plow Pose (Halasana)

We are suggesting some selected Yog Asanas to rejuvenate your body. Next in the series is:

Benefits: If you practice halasana regularly then you completely avoid lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, constipation, stomach disorders, blood pressure and menstrual disorders.

When you become older the back bone loses its elasticity and turns stiff. As long as the elasticity is there you will be healthy. When it becomes stiff you will be old. Practising halasana helps to keep the back bone flexible even at your old age.

Procedure: Lie on the carpet and join the legs together.

Raise the legs to an angle of 90 degree. Thrust the palms; raise the waist and legs, bending forwards curving the back and resting the legs on the floor above head. Little by little try to place the big toe on the floor and keep the legs straight. Balance the whole weight on the shoulder blade, shift both the hands over the head, join the fingers hold the head with it and relax the elbows on the floor. Move a little forward putting the thumb toes outward. Remain in that position for 100 counts. Then release the fingers above the head, pressing the palms on the floor taking back the thumb toe; gently bring the body and legs to the floor.

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