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Your Body – Krounchasana

We are suggesting some selected Yog Asanas to rejuvenate your body. Next in the series is:

Benefits: This pose stretches the hamstring and calf on the extended leg and the quadriceps on the bent leg. You can get tight leg muscles from participating in a variety of physical activities, including running, cycling, soccer, and basketball. Keeping flexible can help you with sports performance and ease of motion in daily life.

Procedure: Begin seated in Staff Pose (Dandasana) with both legs extended in front of you and the spine nice and straight. If you usually sit up on a blanket in staff pose to help elongate the spine, you can use a blanket for the same purpose throughout this pose. Fold your left leg back into a Half Hero Pose (Ardha Virasana) position. Your left foot should be outside your left hip, not under it. Take care to keep the left foot pointing straight back and the left knee hugging toward the midline. If Virasana is painful for your knees or doesn’t work for you for some other reason, just keeps your left leg forward instead, bending the left knee in a one-legged Sukasana. Bend your right knee and bring your right foot to the floor close to your right sit bone. Hold your right foot with both your hands and lift it off the floor. Lean your torso back slightly and anchor your shoulder blades onto your back and your arms into their shoulder sockets. Slowly straighten your right leg as much as you can. Keep your spine long and your shoulders down. Don’t hunch forward in an attempt straighten your leg more. Your extended leg and your torso should make a narrow V shape. Hold for about five breaths and then release and set up for the other side.

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