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Your Body -Bhekasana

We are suggesting some selected Yog Asanas to rejuvenate your body. Next in the series is:

Benefits:Yoga practices are very good for your health. Practicing difficult poses like Bhekasana certainly extend our everyday experience. Even for people who have been practicing this pose for more than 25-30 years gets to experience something new and challenging. This pose not only increases the flexibility of your body, but also develops the flexibility of your body, wherever required. Bhekasana is very well known to stimulate your energy.

Procedure: First, sit in an easy posture. Keep your legs crossed and loosen your body, just be in a comfortable zone. Now slowly start bringing your hands behind you, start lifting your chest and be at your fingertips. Just let your collarbones widen up. Start expanding your chest muscles and lengthen your neck. Now lie upside down, putting the weight on your belly and modify your body into bhandasana posture. Keep your feet flat and hips distance apart. Make sure that your toes are kept pointed, facing towards the ceiling. Now start stretching your arms behind and clasp both your feet with your hands. Carefully now start lifting your chest as high as you can. Start breathing slowly. Also, while lifting start squeezing your shoulders with one another. Just keep in mind that the higher you lift your chest, the easier it would become for you to hold your feet.

Keep yourself in this posture for say about 1 minute. Then slowly start releasing your body. Once you realize your body just lie on the ground and relax for some time a lot of people in the early stage start with Ardha bhekasana pose or half frogs pose because getting into a full frog pose may not be easy for you. You can also vary your asana by bolstering under your rib cage. It makes the asana simpler.

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