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We are suggesting some selected Yog Asanas to rejuvenate your body.
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Viparita Karani asana means Inverted Pose.

Benefits: Stimulates the thyroid glands. Good for those suffering from hypothyroidism. Activates the spiritual center in the neck region called the vishuddhi chakra which is closely associated with the thyroid glands and general health;

Relieves the gravitational weight from many organs and helps in piles, hydrocele and certain kinds of hernia;

Tones the spine, the neck, the intestines and other organs in the abdomen;

Helps to reduce fat around the waist region.

Procedure: Start with the supine position, lying on your back in a relaxed way. Let the hands rest on the floor next to the body and breathe normally.

Try to raise the legs slowly till the legs are almost 90 degrees to the floor.

Now place the hands under the lower back at the waist level. Use the hands and elbows for support to raise your body up further. The breath should be held inside when you are raising the body to the vertical position. Use the support of the hands to raise the trunk further up, till the whole trunk is about 45 degrees to the ground and the legs are vertical. At this stage the body weight rests on the shoulders. Hands and elbows remain as props to support and balance the body. In the final pose the legs are 90 degrees to the floor and the trunk is about 45 degrees to the floor. Remain in this position according to your comfort. For health benefits 3 – 5 minutes every day is good enough; though practitioners can go up to 15 minutes for spiritual benefits. Breathe normally while maintaining the steady raised position. While releasing the position, the breath is held inside and the body is slowly brought down to the supine position.

Caution: This asana is a mild inversion, and therefore, it must be avoided during menstruation. Avoid this asana if you have severe eye problems like glaucoma. If you have serious back and neck problems, make sure you do this asana under the guidance of a certified yoga instructor. If you notice a tingling in your feet when you practice this asana, bend your knees and touch the soles, bringing your heels close to the pelvis.

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