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Receipe of the Month – Pomelo Fruit Smoothies

250 grams fresh Pommelo fruit flesh or 8.8 oz
2 fresh Passion Fruits (aka Maracuja)
1 Sapote (aka Chikoo fruit)
100 milliliter Coconut Milk or 3.4 oz
Natural sweetener to taste such as Stevia or Honey

Procedure: Discard Passion Fruit seeds if you don’t like them, I don’t mind the little bitterness and keep the seeds. Also I don’t peel my sapote as it’s homegrown. The skin usually has extra useful nutrient and besides it’s a job less to not peel the fruit. However, you need to take out the seeds from the sapote fruit. Place all ingredients into the blender jar and mix to a smooth consistency. Enjoy your smoothie a bit cooled. Sometimes I like to sprinkle some chia or basil seeds on the smoothie before finishing a whole bowl full after work out in the morning.

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