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Healthy Food – Muskmelon Pudding

Who doesn’t know about muskmelon? We all are acquainted with this delicious summer fruit but may not be aware of its potential benefits. We are pointing out here some of the amazing benefits of this rounded shape summer fruit. Muskmelon can be used for weight loss purposes. It is consisted of 95% of water and also full of fiber. Eating muskmelon gives the tendency of full stomach and also discourages the desire of more eating. On the other hand, the fruit is associated with no fat, no cholesterol, less calories and sugar. If you desire of weight loss, it is better to start with this summer fruit. Muskmelon is good for skin beauty and skin problems. The fruit helps to release toxins from the kidney as well as the body because of the presence of abundant water. It also contains oxykine, a bio-chemical substance that prevents kidney stone and other kidney disorders. Muskmelon has suitable amount of folic acid, which prevents water retention by excreting excess amount of sodium. It also prevents birth defects and assures healthy baby development. It helps to ease cramps by dissolving clots. The  nutritional values in one cup of muskmelon  are as follows: Calories (53),  No fat, No cholesterol, No saturate fat, Carbohydrate (12g), Protein (1g), Dietary fiber (1g), Sodium (23mg), Vitamin A (5276 IU), Folic acid (22 mg), Niacin (1mg), Vitamin C (57mg), Calcium (14mg), Magnesium (19mg), Potassium (417mg) and Carotenoids (3, 219mg).

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