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Happy Holidays – Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, has grown into one of the most important modern cities of India. An exciting combination of traditions and modernism, Ahmedabad captures all visitors with its diversity of places, religious and ethnic communities. Gandhi Ashram, also known as the Sabarmati ashram is located on the banks of the Sabarmati River. Sidi Bashir Mosque is known for its two shaking minarets, one of an architectural wonder. When one minaret is shaken, the other also get a shake in sympathy. Sidi Saiyad Mosque is best known for its intricate perforated stone work and has beautiful carved stone windows which depict the intricate intervening of the branches of the kalpa tree. Calico Museum of Textiles is widely regarded as one of the finest textiles museums in the world. Kankaria Lake is a polygonal artificial lake which has 34 sides. This lake is a popular picnic spot and is surrounded by a children park, zoo, boat club, garden and natural history museum. Jama Masjid is built of yellow sandstone and combines the best of Hindu and Muslim styles of architecture. Triple Gateway, to the west of the entrance to Ahmed Shah’s mosque is the triumphal archway known as Tin Darwaza or Triple Gateway. Tomb of Ahmed Shah stands outside the Jama Masjid‘s east gate and includes the cenotaphs of his son and grandson. Rani Sipri’s Mosque is also known as the Masjid-e-Nagira or Jewel of the Mosque due to its graceful construction, with slender minarets. Rani Rupmati’s Mosque incorporates Hindu and Islamic design. Swaminarayan Temple, a glorious, multi-coloured, woodcarved temple looks like a grand haveli dating enclosed in a large courtyard. Sarkhej is the fine architectural complex of mosques, palaces, pavilions and tombs, all grouped around a stepped tank. The style shows distinct Hindu influence.

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