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Mustard Greens

Like other dark, leafy greens, mustard greens are a smart, healthy addition to your diet, with many valuable nutrients. Studies have shown that increasing your intake of green leafy vegetables, like mustard greens, can significantly reduce your risk for several types of cardiovascular disease.2 In addition, replacing starchy or empty-calorie foods with these types of vegetables can help you to manage your blood sugar and maintain a healthy weight.

Mustard greens are loaded with vitamin K, a fat-soluble micronutrient that boosts bone health. A vitamin K deficiency may put you at greater risk for osteoporosis.

Just one serving of mustard greens provides a third of your daily recommended intake of vitamin A. In addition to promoting good vision and healthy skin, vitamin A is important for immune system function (it’s sometimes called the “anti-inflammation vitamin”).Mustard greens also contain a healthy amount of vitamin C, which also improves immune function. The vitamin C in mustard greens also provides benefits. The vitamin acts as an antioxidant to protect cells in your body from free-radical damage. Vitamin C also helps your body to absorb iron—an important mineral needed for a healthy body.


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