Letters to the Editor

I was extremely pleased to read the article “Right to Privacy – Fundamental Right, why not?” in the latest issue of the LAWYERS UPDATE. The article by Shri Hem Raj Singh was very informative and educative too. He has Categorised the various Judgments of The Supreme Court, in a lucid manner.
Other articles were also of good standard.

Keshav Dayal
Senior Advocate
Supreme Court of India

The regular feature “ A Lawyer in the Making – What they don’t teach you at the Law schools” by Purnima Arora is very informative and enlightening. In fact the topics for each month are very attractive and are of real use in practice.

T Ramesh
Final year Law Student

I congratulate Lawyers Update for bringing to its readers a wide variety of legal material in a lucid shape. My homage to Shri PP Rao, whom I never met but adored him for his legal acumen.

P Mahapatra
Thane, Mumbai

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